Elite Events

We are modern day storytellers

Whether it is a private event, a corporate event or brand launch we create unique and tailor-made events from start to finish.  From a full service event concept to venue design, themed catering, and activities like cocktail workshops and wine & oyster tastings. The Elite Group has an extended database to communicate your events and venues to get the buzz out. Would you like to host a unique (VIP) experience? The Elite group has the right movers and shakers to create events that will capture your guests attention and get them to talk about your events for long after. We are going after that "WOW" effect every time!

With experience in Dubai, Amsterdam & Italy we have that international vibe and unique locations for (business) retreats and events with and escapes out of the ordinary.



We live and breath


What is the key of a successful event? It's your guests talking about it for long after it has passed. How do we achieve this? We make sure that the creative design and entertainment create that Wow-effect and at the same level match with the high expectations of the food and beverage and the overall service and management of the event. Because we know one can not make up for the other and the difference is in the details. 

With over a decade of creative experience for international events and hospitality services we bring together a team of professionals that have the know how and more importantly the passion to create those unforgettable moments.


We create lasting memories

Our goal is to create an experience that is tailor-made and resonates with you, your brand, as well as your guests. We find it important to listen closely and to keep communications open and clear. We will give you a detailed overview of the planning process and the timeline of the event. This way we will leave nothing up to chance, so that from the moment of planning till the actual event you can feel relaxed and enjoy the moment. 

Let us help you create the perfect event for any occasion worth celebrating. We go beyond expectations and create a memorable event, that will be remembered for a long time after.



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